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Preben Torp Jacobsen.

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I am 80 years old and have now stopped playing with my flyrods.  Over the years I have had a lot of nice experiences and I am of the vain hope, that some of them perhaps could interest others. Should you be of the same opinion - then I will advice you to go to the next page!

NB!  All the pictures are as jpg-files, and therefore take some time depending on your equipment - but then you can load them down on your computer.

The website has been edited last at  29. marts 2004

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Painting a Fly Tup's Indispensable
Viktor Sermek Ib Olsen
Om Jassid Grey Duster
Dairy Blue Winged Olive
North Country Flies Knotted Midge
François Le Ny My Way

Edward Grey

Old Danish Flies Painting a Fly
Peculiarities Reflections
Scanning Capes Simmo Lumme
Small Talk Something New
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